How to Make Rope Doormat: Making Useful Doormat from Coconut Coir Rope

how to make rope dormat

How to make rope doormat – Coconut is famous for its various functions such as roots, stems, leaves, and fruit. Coconut is also widely used for its roots, from its roots we can make handicrafts from coconut fibers. Coir is part of the mesocarp (carpet) of the coconut kernel.

Coconut coir is commonly called a coconut waste product. It is simply piled under coconut trees and then left to rot or dry out. Usually used for firewood. Traditionally, people process coconut shells into rope and weave them into door mats. Although coconut coir still has a fairly good economic value. Coconut coir, when cracked, produces coir and coir.

Coir products will produce various derivative products with extraordinary benefits. Coconut coir is usually made of handicrafts, namely handicrafts of coconut coir.

How to Make a Rope Doormat

So far, people only know coconut products as home mats because these products are most widely used in traditional markets. Products with first names as needed such as welcome, welcome, bonjour, and so on. It adds a positive image when installed in front of your home or office. There are steps on how to make a coir rope mat


  • Coconut coconut
  • Hammer
  • Large knife/scissors for finishing

How to make rope doormat:

  1. Prepare the right one for weaving coir (can be with an elongated rod)
  2. Prepare the rope that will be the groove for weaving.
  3. Coconut woven (like weaving), the status is from the top, arranged in parallel until everything is filled.
  4. Each time you line up, counter with an overhead strike so the mat is full and strong.
  5. Cut the remaining coconut with a knife/scissors.

The function of the Coir Rope Door Mat

This coconut mat has the following features:

1. Cleaner

This coconut mat can clean your feet more cleanly. It can be compared with other materials. Doormat from coconut is able to clean dirt on the feet to the maximum. Because this coconut fiber can clean between the feet and between the toes. With this function, the mat will feel its function

2. The raw material is easy to get hold of

Because the basic ingredients of this coconut can be made from desiccated coconut. The raw material is coconut, which is easy to find everywhere. This is a coconut base. These coconut mats are very affordable on the pocket and also easy to find in local markets. Moreover, it is now easy to find by buying online.

3. Does not change color or not easy to fade

This coconut mat is made of natural materials, so the color shown is a line color which is brown. This coconut mat also has the original color with its own color and also does not fade. Because faded colors can make us worried.

4. Coconut Coir Mat is smoother

Fortunately, this coconut can be made with a high degree of complexity. A soft base will result in a very smooth surface. Very close and very close. This manufacturing process is woven by artisans. The belt is very strong and the structure is the same, which makes this mat very durable.

With a long or durable shelf life, this is an option for you who need a mat. With this robustness, the loyalty function can be felt. This raw material is made from coconut fibers which is the main material used and also with the motifs used from fibers.

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