“A stunning and charming little book” — mollylouhou

“I absolutely love this book. Knitalong is a brilliantly warm and affectionate and inspiring look at the whole idea of simply knitting together – for fun, for a purpose, for the sake of it. There are some wonderful archive photos, plenty of great patterns, some heart-warming stories and a deep connection with knitters everywhere.” — yarnstorm

“Time to get my needles out” — angry chicken

“…This book is a gem. The stories are about knitting as a way to connect people, in person or not… But there are also pages and pages of really great patterns — one really cool sweater, some shawls, a great pair of mittens by the fabulous Adrian Bizilia, and lots more. The Browns’ clever approach to design makes this book stand out.” — Knitty

“I actually sat down and read the whole thing. This is something that I have not yet done with any other knitting book.” — Neither Hip Nor Funky

“So beautiful, especially the vintage photos, which are not the same old vintage photos if you know what I mean… Amidst the loveliness, one pattern speaks to me more than any other. It SHOUTS at me. It will not let me rest until I devote a weekend to making it: The Pillow of Sei Shonagon.” — Mason-Dixon Knitting

“In today’s crowded knitting book market, this thoughtful book stands out.” — Knitter’s Review

“Though we might collect pattern books like crochet hooks, occasionally a volume appears that does so much more. In addition to offering patterns–an arresting bias-knit afghan, an iconic Meathead hat–Knitalong coaxes its public to park their needles for a while and enter the fascinating world of stitching as a social event. Whether it’s a charity drive, an online craze or a Stitch N Pitch ballgame, it’s chronicled here in photos, illustrations, and essays on knitting history, blogs cafes, art, and yes, patterns (the poetry pillow is a dream). You’ll also find help on launching a sucessful KAL, lists of resources and Brown’s engaging diaries that detail her own Knitalong experiences.” — Vogue Knitting, Fall 2008

“Seriously, I can’t tell you how long it’s been since a new knitting book has really excited me as much as this one.” — Mander Knits

“I’m currently obsessed with the book Knitalong. This book has also helped me get my craft mojo back.” — Running With Needles

“The patterns in the book are so varied and excellent, some have already been pre-tested by knitters around the world. The photography is just luscious. But really my favourite part has got to be the knitalong diaries. Where knitalong participant’s projects have been featured from the six different knitalongs that ran alongside the book while it was in production. I love what Larissa says “It’s like hearing a dozen different singers do the same great song.” – Inspiring and wonderful all at the same time.” —

“It’s part pattern book, part KAL instruction manual, part sociology thesis. I want to start the Pinwheel blanket immediately, I think that it might be a good travel project. And I want to knit the Entomology mittens, because who doesn’t want bugs on their hands all winter?” — …and Another Thing!:

“This book came home with me a few weeks ago and every night I’ve been reading a little bit. (I like to make a good thing last, you know?)” — Baad Medicine

“The quality of the book itself is first rate – a hard cover of satisfying small size and heft, a nicely bound cloth spine and end paper “credits” of the knitalong projects’ participants… Go ahead and pay retail, this book is worth it.” — icewerks

“For real, it is a must have for anyone who loves to knit with others. I bought it because I think Larissa is brilliant and motivational and because the book is really a reader, full of stories and accounts from actual, factual knitters. You know, like you and me. . . it is hobby verging on the brink of obsession and yet we have real lives that consume us as well (jobs, kids, obligations). It has 20 of the most useful and yet visually appealing projects you can imagine and each can be worked on while chatting, drinking, watching t.v or the kids run around. It is full of resources and tips, too. Highly recommended. Oh, and the pictures are stunning. Hell, just go get it and see for yourself!” — Wild Yarn

“Soooooo nice and inspirational.” — Lycklig

“This is much more than a book of projects, though there are twenty patterns here. It’s truly an exploration and a celebration of the history of social knitting, as well as a mosaic of contemporary ways that knitters have come together around the world to knit with each other, even though they may be thousands of miles (and even generations) apart. I love Larissa and Martin’s voices in the text — there is something incredibly soothing about this book.” — Posie Gets Cozy

“It is a beautiful book, hardcover, great photographs, and interesting patterns. Like the Yarn Harlot, who reminds us that we share the same joys and disappointments of this solitary craft, Knitalong describes how historically knitters have always knit together, in times of war and peace and hardship and prosperity. But it does more than that. The authors are clearly in awe of the creative processes of knitters. They describe how a knitter can be inspired by a simple pattern to make their own creation. They delight in how knitters share their ideas and designs, and help each other. And they are encouraged by the charitable outpourings of all knitters. And did I mention that Knitalong is a good read?” — The Ravell’d Sleeve

“It’s a beautiful book with sweet patterns, and lovely discourses on knitting communities. Writing and most of the patterns are from Larissa “Stitch Marker” Brown and Martin Brown, two very nice, deep-thinking people. Knitting + Philosophy = Love. (And did I mention the Entomology Mittens and Hat (scroll down a little) in there by Adrian” Hello Yarn” Bazilia? Aaaaaaaadriaaaaan… I think I love you…)” — Shoeless