Knitalong Basics

Q: What’s a knitalong?

We define a knitalong as any event where people get together and knit for a common purpose. That could be as simple as a few friends meeting to chat and knit every week in a cafe or kitchen, or as complex as an Internet-driven collaboration for charity or art that involves thousands of people around the world.

Q: Why are they so popular now? Why are they so great?

Knitalongs have been going on for as long as people have been working with sticks and yarn, but they’ve blossomed recently because the Internet makes them so easy to run, even when knitters are far flung from each other.

They’re great because knitting with others, in person or online, turns out to be a really good way to make friends. And getting exposed to the work of others can really help inspire you to take your craft in new directions and to new heights — just look at the variations on a single project, the Meathead Hat.

Q: Where can I find some in-person knitalongs in my area?

Ask at your Local Yarn Shop! Also, has a  growing directory of local groups.

Q: Where can I find Internet knitalongs that interest me?

Here is a good directory of current knitalongs. has a directory of knitalongs as well– look  here.