Galleries for our test knitalongs

One of funnest and most inspiring things about knitalongs is the way everybody has their own take on the same project or task. It’s like hearing a dozen different singers do the same great song.We wanted to capture that spirit in the book, so we ran six different knitalongs while we were writing it — which turned into six short chapters called “Larissa’s knitalong diaries.” There wasn’t nearly enough room in print show off all the fantastic contributions, so we’ve made online galleries of a few more of our favorites here. And if that’s not enough, follow the links out to the live groups at flickr and — where you can add your own stuff to the mix.[note- this section of the website is still under development]

Knitting by Kelly Sue DeConnick.  Photo by Laurenn McCubbin.Meathead Hats [our faves] [flickr]

knitting and photography by Chris O’BrienPinwheel Blankets [our faves] [flickr]

Knitting and photography by Amanda JenkinsSocks 101’s [our faves] [flickr]

Knitted farm scene from the Royal Melbourne Show in Australia, 2006.  The card says “First Prize” and the work is credited to “Mrs. H.P. Haynes.”  Photo by Narelle Trottman.State Fair winners [our faves] [flickr]

Recycled arm warmers. Crafting and photography by Emily Simnitt.Recycled creations [our faves] [flickr]

Photo by Sarah GilbertSquares for the Barn Raising Quilt [our faves] [flickr]