Everything You Need to Start Knitting

Everything You Need to Start Knitting

Knitting has been around since the days of the ancient Egyptians and they used to knit blankets and clothing.  The craft of knitting stayed pretty much the same right up until the invention of the knitting machine.  Knitting was essential for survival, it was used to make clothing and to help keep warm.  After the industrial age and clothes and blankets started being mass produced knitting was reduced to a hobby.  People love to knit, it is a relaxing hobby that allows you to create some amazing blankets, scarves and sweaters.  Knitting used to be just something that your grandmother used to do but today people from all walks of life are taking up the hobby.

Two Types of Knitting

There are two types of knitting, the first is done with two needles and it is what you are most familiar with.  It uses typically one string of yarn at a time although the knitter may alternate different color yarns.  This type of knitting is often referred to as weft knitting.  You can also do circular knitting such as what is used to make socks.  The other type of knitting is done by a machine and it creates the knit garments that you can buy in stores.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

Knitting is one of the easiest and least expensive crafts that you can learn.  You need very little materials to get started, just a pair of needles and some wool or yarn.  However you still need to pay attention to the type of yarn that you use for the project you want to complete.  Some yarns are far easier to work with than others.  Some yarns are pretty stretchy and if you aren’t used to working with them then you can find that your finished product is uneven.  Start first with a yarn that doesn’t stretch.  The yarn your using with also impact the size of the needles you need.  Thicker yarns are going to require you to use bigger knitting needles.

Learning to Knit

Most people learned to knit from either their mother or grandmother but if that isn’t possible then you might want to try joining a knitting group instead.  You can learn to knit or purl from a YouTube video but nothing beats hands on experience from someone who is right beside you.  If you’re looking for new knitting projects that are beginner friendly then you can also check out some online forums or Facebook groups, you can connect with other knitters and share tips and find the best places to get your knitting supplies.

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